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This wiki is for Healslut, an erotic high-fantasy adventure dynamic visual novel by DavieZwei.

If you have a question, experience a bug, or just want to drop DavieZwei a comment please feel free to email him directly at: [[1]]

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WARNING: Healslut is an Adults-Only 18+ game!

This guide contains references to adult situations,

sexual encounters, and even violence!

This story takes place in the near future and contains both “in the real world” (IRL) and "in-game" scenes. You will have the choice to select either a Nerdo (male) or Nerdette (female) main IRL character but you are locked in to one particular in-game character: Sparkle.

Walkthrough / Acts

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Quick Links

Changelogs | Acts | Characters

Common Terms

  • IRL: In Real Life -- the “real world” outside of the VR game
  • MC: Main Character -- refers to Simon/Simone/Sparkle
  • VR: Virtual Reality -- a highly immersive “game” reality
  • Route/Path: a branching pathway of the story

How to Wiki

Please consult the User's Guide for information on contributing to this wiki.