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This wiki is for Healslut, an erotic high-fantasy adventure dynamic visual novel by DavieZwei.

If you have a question, experience a bug, or just want to drop DavieZwei a comment please feel free to email him directly at: [[1]]

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WARNING: Healslut is an Adults-Only 18+ game!

This guide contains references to adult situations,

sexual encounters, and even violence!

This story takes place in the near future and contains both “in the real world” (IRL) and "in-game" scenes. You will have the choice to select either a Nerdo (male) or Nerdette (female) main IRL character but you are locked in to one particular in-game character: Sparkle.

Walkthrough / Acts

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Common Terms

  • IRL: In Real Life -- the “real world” outside of the VR game
  • MC: Main Character -- refers to Simon/Simone/Sparkle
  • VR: Virtual Reality -- a highly immersive “game” reality
  • Route/Path: a branching pathway of the story

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the Familiar (Kitty Sparkle) route?

Sparkle must inquire about Kayden kicking Lel out of the group when she talks to him at the start of Act 6 and then must either agree to take responsibility for Lel or share her looter duties. After Lel comes to Sparkle's rescue in the dungeon in Act 7, Sparkle needs to choose to meet up with Kayden and the group instead of either trying to get the greatsword for Panki or trying to help Wejit's friends escape. Lel will take Sparkle through the demondong kennels as a shortcut back to the group where she will spot a discarded collar on the ground. When offered, Sparkle needs to try on the collar. That starts the Familiar route.

How do I start the Lel-owned slave route?

This route starts in Act 17 at Sparkle's auction. Firstly, Sparkle cannot have sexytimes with Lieutenant Kursven (the port guard) or Kursven will bid in the auction which will result in group-owned Sparkle instead. Then, during the auction, Sparkle must tell Kayden not to interfere with the process. This will result in Lel spending all her savings to purchase Sparkle's slave contract.

How do I start the Leigh-owned slave route?

The start of this route has been moved to Act 7 now. Sparkle must fail to convince Leigh to rejoin the group in conversation. He will offer to rejoin if Sparkle agrees to become his "valet" (read: slave). If Sparkle agrees, she is now on the Leigh-owned slave route.

How do I start the group-owned slave route?

Sparkle must have sexytimes with Lieutenant Kursven in Act 17 in order for her to pitch in for the group to buy Sparkle from the auction. Kursven will only propose sexytimes if Sparkle either has the Assured Absolution passive or Sparkle is wearing the western outfit without a top (i.e. she didn't go back to Panki to get the missing clothing in the previous act (Act 16)). Please note: this makes the group-owned route impossible for Twink Sparkle unless Twink Sparkle has the Assured Absolution passive because Twink Sparkle doesn't get an incomplete outfit from Panki.

When is the next update?

As soon as I can get it done.

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